My story

Shilan G.M Zade is a founder, business owner and managing director of LaBarr Products Corp.

After years of work in the medical field and skincare clinics, Shilan discovered a passion for sustainable and organic scientifically proven skincare and set out with the goal of providing organic, ethical and effective skincare and beauty products for Canadians.

LaBarr Products Corp was born as a side job and bloomed into a passion. Shilan knew she didn’t want to put lab-grown chemical treatments on her skin. Even though they bring rapid, short-term effects and wow factor at first, customers often were left with more skin issues than before. Shilan wanted to find extracts that could deliver powerful, long-lasting results in a natural, safe and nourishing way.

Through her work, she met the co-founder of Ola Hawaiian Apothecary Robin Williams, who provided Shilan with long searched answers, introduced the Ola medicinal plant-based products and talked about the plethora of benefits those plants offer for the skin. After trying the products on herself, friends and family, she noticed a real change in her skin and received much positive feedback from those she cared about the most.

Today, Shilan is a committed advocate for Ola products and is determined to introduce many people who are mindful of what they use or suffer from chemical allergies, skin conditions to these natural yet, effective products.

Shilan is also a devoted spiritual yogi, college instructor, and a mom of a 14-year-old daughter and environmentally conscious citizen of Canada, caring and contributing daily for a better future for generations to come.